“Fence” is the story of a humble cropduster and his eccentric pet, Fence, in the rural woods of the South. The duo (along with Jake’s live-in nephew Dustin) find fun and frustration in the crazy antics of life, whether deliberately created or otherwise.


Jake is a hard-working cropduster trying to

make a living in the piney hills of his hometown.

He’s got a good heart and plenty of hospitality.


The star of the strip, Fence is always

in a mess or two, usually created by himself. Often

he lives out his favourite parts of history, much to

his enjoyment and the annoyance of everyone else.


Jake’s nephew Dustin is a nerd,

more of a nerd than even his Uncle. He dislikes

Fence to the “utmost extremes.” Fence

reciprocates, bearing a grudge against Dustin since

the moment he came to the house and swiped

Fence’s room for his own.


Charley is Fence’s best friend and aide

in many of his misadventures. He offsets Fence

with his naïveté and stupidity, making the pair

an odd one.


One Response to “About”

  1. carknow32 March 5, 2013 at 11:37 pm #

    I like your cartoons! It’s great to see a fellow southern artist out there plying their trade 🙂 I would like to interview you sometime for Active South, if you’d be willing. http://www.activesouth.wordpress.com.

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